Pricing is determined based on size of the cookie, number of different colors used, as well as the amount of detail and number of designs. The chart below is a guideline that is used to determine prices of custom orders. 

Sugar Cookies (per dozen)

Small (1.5-2.5 inches):
      Detailed $35

Medium (2.5-3.5 inches):
      Basic $35
      Detailed $40
      Elaborate $45 and up

Logo Designs
Two colors $40
Three colors $45

Basics: A cookie set with only one or two colors, up to two designs and minimal detail. 
Detailed: A cookie set with three to four colors, up to three designs and details added such as writing, flowers, logos
Elaborate: A cookie set with more than four colors (including metallic), up to four designs.
Logo: Business logos are created using a custom made stencil. A pdf or jpeg of the image will need to be able sent via email.

Flavored Cookies (per dozen)

Small (1.5 inch)  $12
Medium (2.5 inches)  $17
Large (4 inches)  $22


Any order can be individually wrapped in a clear bag with silver foil twist tie or with coordinating ribbons upon request. This is perfect when giving cookies as a party favor or at the end of an event.


Currently we are only shipping within the United States, for a $10 fee per dozen. All orders within the Portland metro area will have the option of pick up at our Tigard kitchen or delivery, for a $20 fee.

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